Rolf E. Gietler
One who knows what he is talking about
Rolf E. Gietler is a process technology engineer and active worldwide. Both with his own teams or as senior project manager for plant commissioning, heading plant owner's staff team he attends to plants in Europe, Asia, America, and Australia.

Rolf E. Gietler combines knowledge with know-how, thus managing the stretch between theory and practice. He is our expert when it matters to perform efficient, faultless and professional plant management.


Ralf J. F. Schumacher
One who makes short work

After all, Ralf Schumacher has been a process technology engineer in international plant engineering.
He knows how planning can be quickly implemented. Moreover, he was in charge of research and development tasks, playing a decisive role in the development of processes and plant components in which he cooperated until operational maturity and commissioning.

He also brings his broad spectrum of theory and practice into the knowledge pool of procomco which you may benefit from jointly with us.

Ingomar Köhler
One who knows what others must still learn

Ingomar Köhler performs plant inspections worldwide and elaborates feasibility studies whose findings and results are implemented in practice jointly with his customers. He is a pragmatist who managed to acquire experience and know-how in the fields of research and development for many different production facilities over the course of many years.

Ingomar Köhler has obtained wide-spread know-how in the course of his professional career which he now passes on to those interested in a didactically refined and well-structured approach. He is our expert in training courses and seminars.